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It is the mission of Catkin’s Animal Rescue, Inc. to care for the abandoned, neglected and abused animals of the Northwoods and its surrounding areas.  We strive to promote the highest quality of life for the animals under our care by providing housing, rehabilitation, socialization, and adoption services.  It is our goal to enhance animal life while at the same time be a credit to the communities we serve by providing animal rescue efforts, education on sterilization to prevent the births of unwanted animals, and Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) efforts. Above all else, once an animal is under our care we will euthanize only in cases of extreme illness or aggression.  In addition, it is our policy, should the adoptive family become unable to care for an adopted animal the family will return it to Catkin’s Animal Rescue for re-adoption.  In pursuit of our mission, we are committed to providing a center for housing, rehabilitation, education, and adoption services for the animals entrusted under our care and the communities we serve.

Promoting a No-Kill Northwoods