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2020 Catkins Calendar Challenge

The adorable entries for the 2021 Catkins Calendar are in!

Help us put a cover and 12 additional adorable faces on the 2021 Catkins Calendar!

 Help us put a cover and 12 additional adorable faces on the 2021 Catkins Calendar are here! The pet with the most votes will be on the cover of the calendar and will also be the picture for the month of the family's choice. The next twelve pets with the most votes will be the main photographs for the months of 2021 and for January of 2022.

Voting is officially open and will go until 9pm CST on Sunday, October 11th.

Each vote is $1. So, if a friend donates $20 to Catkins, your pet gets 20 votes. When voters donate via PayPal or by snail mail they can specify which pet they are voting for by leaving instructions for us. We will need your help to get your friends, family, and others to vote! As votes come in, we’ll update the Facebook album so everyone can keep track of how their favorite photos are doing.

To vote through our website, click on the "donate" button on our main page. This will take you right to PayPal. (Our Facebook donate button no longer gives us email notifications of donations in real-time. As voting gets going, real-time updates are important, so we are temporarily removing this button and asking everyone to donate via PayPal using the donate button on our website. This will help ensure that votes are updated timely!)

For any pet parents who set up a fundraiser on their personal Facebook pages to help their friends and family vote, Facebook doesn't update us on personal fundraisers. Please keep in touch with us when you get votes so that we can keep pet standings accurate.

The final results will be announced at 6pm CST on Monday, October 12th. We’ll then get the calendars ready for holiday presents!! This is a fundraiser for the animals, so it should be a good time for a good cause!