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Catkins believes that by working together and
tackling pet overpopulation as a multi-faceted problem,
we can achieve a No-Kill Northwoods.

To this end we currently
have five major programs within
our organization:

 intake  adoption



Everyday Catkins volunteers provide for over 50 cats and 10-15 dogs.  We work very hard to ensure that our animals are physically and emotionally happy!  Spending time with our animals and getting to know them is not only important to successful adoptions, but it is the best part about what we do.

Since Catkins does not euthanize animals for space or time reasons, space and intakes are limited.  Catkins tries to assist as many animals as possible throughout the Northwoods, but Price County animals are our priority.  We regularly take in animals from Price County Animal Control and we are able to assist owner surrenders when we have space. 

Catkins has an active adoption program and you can visit our dogs at our new facility on Oak Rd in Park Falls starting July 1, 2012 or right now by scheduling an appointment to visit them in their foster homes.

Our cat adoptions are currently by appointments only at either the Catkins Cattery in Fifield or at the pet’s foster home.

While Catkins is not affiliated with any national or state organizations and receives no outside funding, we do proudly work with several other local organizations.  Catkins often takes in animals from partner organizations when our rescue can better meet an animal’s needs.  We will send animals to other organizations when we feel it is in their best interests.  By working together we can save more lives!

We regularly work with organizations who share our mission, standards of care and adoption ethics:

Price County Animal Control
Lincoln County Humane Society
Helping PAWS Pet Rescue (Washburn, WI)
Ashland/Bayfield Animal Care and Control
Chequamegon Humane Association
Forest County Humane Society
Wish Upon A Paw




 spay  educationl



One of the main reasons animals end up in shelters is because there are too many of them.  Given this undeniable truth, it makes sense to prevent more unwanted pets from being born through spay and neuter surgeries.  Very often, cost is a factor in determining whether or not a family can spay or neuter their pet.  To help more families be able to afford sterilizing their cat or dog, Catkins has arranged monthly transports to the Northland Spay/Neuter clinic.

We can schedule as many as 10 dogs and 20 cats for surgery and low cost vaccination options every month!

Trips to the clinic are always on Tuesdays and the clinic van arrives in Fifield at 5am to pick up animals.

Cats are dropped off at the rescue at 5pm the night before the transport and dogs are dropped off at 7pm the night before the transport.

All animals are picked up between 11am and 12pm  the Wednesday after the transport at the Fifield Fire Department.  All pets  go home with post-op instructions, receipts and vaccination certificates.

For more information on the Northland Spay/Neuter trip schedule and the clinic fee structure, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at        (715) 681-0022

Catkins volunteers truly believe that the key to a no-kill future lies in educating people of all ages.  This means respectful discussions about training, veterinary care, proper pet identification and appropriate pet nutrition.

To this end, we regularly appear at local schools, libraries and community events.  Very often when Catkins volunteers are invited to speak at an event the hosting organization will ask us to speak on a specific topic.  We have covered topics from appropriate animal care techniques to how to be safe around strange animals.  We believe that sharing this information will lead to healthy future relationships between people and their pets.

While Catkins firmly believes that adopting a pet is the best way to add to your family, we respect that people have the right to choose how to get a new pet.  Because of this, we do not believe in pushing our adoptable animals during our educational events, especially schools.  We carefully consider and tailor our discussions based on our audience.

We are always more than happy to take questions and discuss our programs with audience members and provide them with as much additional detailed information as they would like.



 petfood  IMG 8392



The Catkins Pet Food Pantry exists to help qualifying pet owners provide food and supplies for their pets during times of financial difficulty.  The Catkins Pet Food Pantry Program was established with the goal to prevent animal surrenders and abandonment in Price County and surrounding areas.

Each application allows a participant to be eligible for a three month supply of pet food.  Pet Food Pantry participants will be mailed vouchers that can be redeem for pet food once a month at the Fifield Seed ‘N’ Feed, located on Hwy 13 in Fifield, WI.  The Seed ‘N’ Feed is open during regular business hours.

To be considered for assistance, you must:

1. Be the pet's owner.
2. Be 18 years or older.
3. Have a picture ID with your current address.
4. Provide proof of need (SS letter, Medicaid card, unemployment letter, income tax return).
5. Understand the food provided is purchased based on funding availability and may not be your current brand, which may upset your pet's stomach (it is best to mix the donated food gradually to your current food).
6. Agree NOT to hold Catkins Animal Rescue, Inc, its staff, volunteers, food distributors and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) become ill or the food upsets the pet's stomach.
7. Agree NOT to resell the pet food received from Catkins Pet Food Pantry.
8. Agree that you do NOT breed any of your pets for profit or for sport.
9. Agree that you will not add animals if receiving assistance.
10. Understand that Catkins Animal Rescue has the right to deny your application.

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