Price County Animal Control Information

Catkins Animal Rescue is not Price County Animal Control.

If you have lost or found an animal, please call one of the following departments based on your location:

  • Park Falls Residents: Call the Park Falls Police Department at 715-762-2446
  • Phillips Residents:  Call the Phillips Police Department at 715-339-3847 
  • Price County Residents, not in the City of Park Falls or Phillips: Call the Price County Sheriff Department at 715-339-3011

Need to report an animal bite?  Call the Price County Health Department at 715-339-3054.

If you are missing a pet, please don’t wait for it to show up on social media.  Be pro-active and contact your local law enforcement agency and vet clinics.  Since Catkins is no longer directly involved in the animal control program, our volunteers are unable to help with animal control related inquiries.

Contacting Animal Control
Call the Price County Sheriff's Dispatch at 715-339-3011 and ask for Animal Control.

  • For questions, compliments or concerns that cannot be directly answered by Animal Control, please contact either the Price County Health Department at (715) 339-3054 or your local county board member.
  • For questions, compliments or concerns regarding animal housing or state licensing, please contact (608) 575- 3207
  • For inquiries regarding stray animals, rabies ordinances or animal cruelty, please contact the law enforcement office based on residency.

Price County Animal Control
Price County Animal Control is a contract that is eligible for bid and for a set term. The term is usually determined by the previous contract. Animal Control is required by contract to be available to respond to calls 24/7, every day of the year.

The contract is funded by tax-payers. When it is up for bid, all bids are reviewed and voted on by the Price County Board of Directors.  Once a contractor has been established, the contract is overseen by the Price County Health Department.

The current contract term began on September 1, 2016 and will expire August 31, 2019.  Animal Control can be reached through any of the agencies listed at the top of this page. Catkins volunteers do not have the authority to respond to calls regarding stray animals.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

From Sept 1, 2011- August 31, 2016, the individuals responsible for upholding the animal control contract obligations were also Catkins volunteers.  During this time, Catkins provided housing for stray animals and took custody of all unclaimed animals.  The animal control program and Catkins worked together to ensure that not one single adoptable animal or feral cat was euthanized.  Progressive adoption, transfer, foster and feral-to-farm programs helped maintain a no-kill county.

The contractors that maintained the animal control program for the five year time span mentioned above did not enter a bid to continue the contract after August 31,2016.  After the years spent providing services, the contractors firmly believed that a bid-based contract with minimal oversight was not the best option for a sustainable county animal control program. This information was provided to the Price County Health Department at the end of 2015, along with the offer to work with the county to develop a more efficient and sustainable humane program.

At this time, Animal Control remains a bid based contract and is currently being upheld by a County Board approved contractor.  We look forward to seeing the progress, the energy, and enthusiasm the new contractor brings to our county.

Animals currently housed by the Price County Animal Control contractor can be found on the FB Page: Doggy Kat-Cher.