The Jim Fund

In our lives we meet people that are universally described by others as a force for good. These are people who lead by example, share their good humor and lend a hand to lift up those less fortunate. In January of 2013, the Bayfield community lost one of these people when Jim Hudson fell through the ice on Lake Superior. His positive influence, cheer and generosity have motivated many to carry on his legacy whether by picking up a fishing pole, reconnecting with the Northwoods environment that surrounds us or by reaching out a hand to help others in need.

After Jim’s death a few people contacted Catkins and asked if they could make a donation in Jim’s memory. And then one of those people presented the idea that we create a fund for animals that Jim would have wanted to help… the underdogs so to speak. Jim was a fan of the underdogs (he was adopted by Stewie, wasn’t he?!) and this was a way that Jim’s helping hands could continue to reach out and lift those that need it.

So, properly awed and terrified about taking on the enormity of creating a memorial in the name of someone so well-loved as Jim, I called his wife, Hannah, and outlined of the plan to her. The focus of the fund would be to help animals with special needs or requiring long-term continued care. This would include specialized diagnostics, allergy testing, diabetes or extensive behavioral training.

My first priority was to make sure Hannah felt this would be in keeping with something Jim would want. So, after outlining the idea of the fund, I waited for Hannah’s thoughts. Which, took only about half of a caffeinated second to come through the phone, “Jim would love that.” And so The Jim Fund was started and we are now helping animals in memory of Jim Hudson.

Donations made to The Jim Fund, will be used specifically to help long term special needs animals find health, happiness and homes. Their adoption fees will be waived and necessary supplies will be sent home with them to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes.