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Without our dedicated network of volunteers, we would not be able to help the hundreds of animals that we do each year. We are proud to start highlighting some of these amazing people each month through our volunteer spotlight.

This month we are pleased to feature Jan and Curt Olejniczak. Jan and Curt have volunteered with Catkins for seven years. Throughout this time, they have volunteered in various capacities but now focus primarily on fostering. They have a special fondness for older dogs or dogs who might have emotional, social, or medical issues. While those dogs do present more work, Jan and Curt say that the rewards are high when you can see them improve and get adopted into their forever homes. Jan and Curt love watching their fosters transition to their new homes.

Many pets’ lives were saved and made better through Jan and Curt’s hard work, love, and dedication.

Could you be who we are looking for?  We are currently creating a list of individuals who are interested in volunteering with our organization! We are in need of morning and evening dog walkers and foster homes especially.  

Have another skill that might help us out? Let us know! We have a dedicated group of people who help us with things like animal transport, grounds keeping laundry, cleaning, fundraising, grant searching and writing, donation pick up, and more, too!  Even if you might only be able to help a day here and there and are not be able to keep up with a set weekly schedule, we can add your name to a list of people we can reach out to when we have a request or need.   

Volunteer Power!

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tanya, at catkins_wi@yahoo.com, by calling 715-762-0122, or by messaging our Facebook page.  You can also fill out the Volunteer Application and either Tanya or Cory will contact you!